Disposable trayware is a problem. There, we said it. We all know it. And we also know that it’s not going away any time soon. So what do we do? We use AI, of course! Splat4Less is a startup that has developed an AI-based solution for the problem of disposable trayware. With this platform, restaurants can easily order customized trays for their customers. This eliminates the need for wasted food and makes service more efficient for both the restaurant and its customers.

Disposable trayware is one of the biggest challenges faced by restaurants and foodservice operators today. Not only are they costly to replace, but they also create a huge mess when they’re used. This is where Splat4Less comes in. Based on AI, the company’s disposable trayware solutions are designed to solve these problems in a simple and efficient way. Learn more about how Splat4Less uses AI to solve the problem of disposable trayware in this blog post.

The Problem

SplatLess is a startup that uses artificial intelligence to solve the problem of disposable trayware. Trayware is the name given to disposable eating and drinking utensils, such as cups, plates, and napkins. The problem with trayware is that it’s difficult to recycle. SplatLess’ AI platform can help restaurants reduce waste by automatically ordering replacement trays when they reach a certain threshold of usage. This not only cuts down on environmental impact, but also saves restaurants money.

There is a growing problem with disposables, specifically those used in restaurants and cafes. Restaurants and cafes are constantly struggling to find a way to reduce the amount of waste they produce, while also meeting the needs of their customers. SplatLess has developed an AI-based solution to this problem.

SplatLess uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify areas where disposable trays are being used. This information is then used to create a plan for reducing waste production. The AI system is able to identify not only which areas need improvement, but also how best to do so. In addition, the AI system can help to track progress and make adjustments as needed.

By using SplatLess, restaurants and cafes can reduce the amount of waste they produce while still meeting the needs of their customers.

How Splat4Less Uses AI to Solve the Problem

Splat4Less is a pioneering AI-powered solution that uses machine learning and natural language processing to automatically identify and solve the problem of disposable trayware.

Trays are an everyday source of frustration for many people. They’re constantly in the way, they’re a waste of space, and they always seem to be dirty. Splat4Less was created to solve all these problems.

Instead of having piles of trays everywhere, you can use Splat4Less to organize your food. It scans your kitchen every time you make a dish and keeps track of which dishes need their own tray. So not only do you no longer have to worry about cleaning up after every meal, but you also avoid getting dishes mixed up.

And because Splat4Less knows what dishes go with which trays, it can even suggest recipes for you based on what’s currently in your pantry. So there’s never been a better time to start cooking smarter – with Splat4Less!

The Results

SplatLess is a company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the problem of disposable trayware. Trayware is King when it comes to environmental waste, making up about 30% of all municipal solid waste. In fact, disposable trayware accounts for almost one third of all plastic that ends up in landfills. SplatLess’s AI-powered solution to this problem is unique in that it not only eliminates the need for disposable trays, but also cuts down on the amount of plastic used overall.

How SplatLess Works

SplatLess works by tracking how many drinks are served and how many dirty dishes are created. This data is then used to create custom recommendations for eliminating unnecessary dirty dishes. These recommendations are sent to users’ smartphones and tablets through an app or website interface. The app or website also allows users to track their own progress and see how they compare with other bar and restaurant owners who have adopted the same technology.

The Results

Since SplatLess was launched in 2015, it has eliminated more than 2 million dirty dishes from bars and restaurants worldwide. And since its inception, the company has saved more than 620 thousand pounds (300 kilograms) of plastic from entering landfills


Splat4Less is a startup that uses AI to help solve the problem of disposable trayware. In short, their technology helps restaurants reduce their waste by identifying which dishes can be served in reusable containers and then providing those containers to customers at the table. By doing so, Splat4Less not only cuts down on waste but also helps restaurants save money on disposal fees. I think this is an interesting solution to a thorny problem, and I’m curious to see how it develops over time.

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